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6WeedGod is a luxury brand from Toronto, Canada, that caters to the “luxury” cannabis lifestyle. Our primary focus is to promote and support a cannabis lifestyle that caters to those who demand the highest level of quality from their cannabis and related products.

As such, 6WeedGod searches the cannabis industry for the highest quality products and brings them together for what can only be described as a cannabis experience that is simply luxurious.

6WeedGod adheres to the expectations that their clients and customers expect them to be a provider of safe and high-quality cannabis and cannabis related products.  As an established purveyor of such “luxury”, 6WeedGod remains committed to upholding and exceeding the expectations clients and customers have come to experience time and time again.

Meant for a culture that has a finer element of prestige, our niche caters to the professional & social generation.

Our Vision

Who We Are

6WeedGod is a luxury brand that gives the company the ability to move into new markets while attracting talented innovation and technology.

What We Want

6WeedGod wants to provide our clients/patients a zone of comfort while visiting our store. Our brand is to provide a healthy reputation for design, innovation and craftsmanship.

What We Can Give

The appreciation for beauty and luxury has always been our guiding principle. This passion is driven with the shared love for the lifestyle because it provides the most memorable experiences. 

Our Skills

The cannabis culture deserves to be pampered and given beautiful products. Our dedication to product development, branding and marketing allow us to achieve our goals.


Our Offer

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Our Values